NTI’s Future Directions

Motivation, Strategy and Mission

Motivation: NTI recognizes the re-emergence of not only cognitive sciences in the general public, but also ‘human factors’ in operational and system design. As a highly experienced, science-based organization, NTI intends to fully engage on a contractual and commercial level to develop appropriate, innovative, and valuable technology with life enhancing applications.

Strategy: Our contractual focus will be with cognitive testing and physiological measurement opportunities for government and ‘high stress’ enterprises. The technology developed by NTI over the past 20 years of government contract support (NovaScan Armory™, FAST ™, F-PASS™, etc), will be enhanced with new contracts, supplying tools and usage scenarios – focusing on promising applications in daily-assessment, selection, and healthcare. As we enhance our technology, from a market development side, we will re-engage ourselves with organizations interested in cognitive sciences and those seeking commercial opportunities in self-management, education/training, and healthcare research.

Mission: To innovate and instantiate cognitive and physiological measurement and enhancements for living, learning and feeling better.

Commercial Engagements

Self-Management Software

NTI is currently pursuing the development of software based upon our extensive research in fatigue and cognitive performance testing. These tools will assist individuals in their daily lives by equipping them with tools for the management of their individual cognitive capabilities, to include assessment of any personal stressors (e.g. fatigue, mood, and sleep disorders – a major health concern).

Education & Training

NTI is a leader in readiness for duty testing and, more recently, testing for task selection. We are actively seeking partners in organizational training and education through national testing services. Additionally, NTI recognizes that the future of scientific innovation lies with the next generation of scientists and researchers. We are actively pursuing educational programs that will attract this upcoming generation to careers in the cognitive sciences and technology.

For more information contact us at: info@ntiinc.com